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Vox Portugal celebrated 5 years in 2015, although Vox Tours was established in Italy since 2001.The idea of bringing this system to Portugal came after a trip to Italy, where this system was widely used by guided groups. After a survey on Portuguese market, we saw that this system had an high potential and therefore we decided to go ahead with the company. Vox is dedicated to the radio guide rental for guided tours.

The system consists of receivers, as many participants in the visit and the transmitter, to the guide, who speaks normally to a microphone without wires and without the need to project the voice. Visitors can hear perfectly the guide's explanation, using a disposable earphone, even at a distance, while taking a photograph or observe in more detail the place they visit.


Improves the progress of the tour, reducing stops to give explanations
All explanations will be heard
Reduces vocal effort during the tour


They are able to hear all the explanations without being close to the guide
It can be used even with hearing aid
They can hear the guide explanations while taking a photo

Tour operators:

Improves customer satisfaction
Service with value added
System quality proven internationally


The quality of devices and service helped VOX to be present in more than 30 countries and in some of the most important monuments of Europe, like for instance, in St. Peter's Basilica (Vatican) and the Cathedral of Cordoba (Spain). In Portugal we are present at Jerónimos Monastery, Quinta da Regaleira, and through partnerships, in Oporto and Madeira Island.
Our devices offers several possibilities of rental, including:
• Daily Tours;
• Long Rent – this option offer the benefits of Vox systems throughout the journey, regardless of their origin and destination, all over Europe, without delivery costs;
• Seasonal rentals: for agencies that have regular tours and also to museums / monuments / factories with guided tours;
• Pay Per Use: a special and personalized service cruise shore excursions, which includes the delivery / collection of our devices directly on the pier for use during their tours;

• Conferences and corporate business: used for technical visits, simultaneous translation and still informal meetings
• Another suggestions: workshops, walking tours, Segway tours, tram tours...


Our company offers the most recent models of radioguides, all designed and manufactured to satisfy the needs of tour operators, guides and monuments.
Our company uses only disposable earphones to ensure maximum hygiene of our clients, which can be kept at the end of the tour, and used later with their own audio equipment.
Our recent innovation is the Vox 360, which combines two audio systems in a compact device:

- the audio guide for the individual client, with pre-recorded tracks and optical reading

- the radioguide for group guides tours



It's compulsory the use of readioguias for the visit of Sintra National Palaces of Sintra, Pena and Queluz


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